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Madison Avery Somerville

Madison Avery Somerville

Look great. Differentiate. 

Professional photography that connects with your clients.

Businesses exist to solve problems. When people’s problems are solved, their lives improve. Therefore, connecting businesses to their best customers makes the world a better place. 


Hi, my name is Madison Avery Somerville and I help businesses engage their customers with photos that tell stories. No matter what product or service you provide, people are more likely to remember and support businesses that capture their imagination

Consumers buy for emotional reasons. They justify their decision with logic. Photos captivate their emotions.

My commitment to this connection begins with a story of my own….


At 7:15 on a Monday morning I arrived at the yoga studio to meet my friend. The fact that I was able to show up anywhere before 9 am, much less to exercise, was revolutionary. I had four weeks sober and had decided to take better care of myself for the first time in a decade.


My life looked very different all of the sudden. I no longer had my community of bar friends and felt very much alone. This was my third yoga class and I wasn’t convinced. 


We rolled out our mats and the instructor introduced himself with boundless energy. I’m Colton, welcome to Monday Morning Magic. I groaned internally, thinking, this better be worth it. 


Colton began class by having us introduce ourselves to one another. He led us through a series of poses with warmth and enthusiasm. He encouraged us to be kind to ourselves and emphasized that yoga is a practice, not a destination. 


As I ended the class laying on my back in that sweaty room, I felt connected to something greater than myself. I realized that yoga is more than exercise or making fancy shapes. In that moment, I understood how the practice of yoga could bring me the community and connection I craved.


More importantly, I kept going back. I was hooked. Every Monday morning I returned to that class and before long, to others at that studio. I committed to the practice. 


Years later, I’m a dedicated yogi. My life is infinitely better thanks to my regular practice. I still feel immense gratitude for Colton and his Monday Morning Magic. Connecting with him kept me coming back long enough to see results. Once I saw results, there was no turning back. 

You deserve to stand apart in a sea of sameness.


You deserve to fill your calendar with people who value your business, who tell their friends and who keep coming back. ​

When businesses connect with the people they are meant to serve, everyone wins and the world becomes a better place.

Don’t wait, your people need you. Call today. 


J Flowers Health Institute / Energy Transition VC / Realty Associates of Texas

City of Austin / IBM / Wells Fargo / Ameripro Home Loans 

BBQ Shack Analog Recording Studio / Cory Smith Law / Mala Suerte  

Valhalla / The Lost Well / Soulshine Yoga Studio / The Yoga Triangle

How I got here

In 2011, my dad, who is an amateur photographer himself, gave me his old camera. It was love at first sight. I became obsessed with photography and haven't looked back since.


I read every book about photography I could get my hands on and took that camera with me everywhere. I created photos every day, a practice I still maintain. 

In 2015, I began my business in Austin, Tx. Since then I have been fortunate to photograph a wide variety of subjects. I love photographing people most of all. Photography connects people to solutions, to resources and to each other. 


 I help others succeed through connection, making the world a better place.

When I'm not working, I enjoy...

Traveling the world
Hanging out with my black cat, Carl Jr
Shooting, developing and printing b&w film
Listening to heavy metal music
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